After living in small town Auburn my whole life, and knowing how loved the Dairy Sweet is, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy it when it was put on the market - our community NEEDED it open! We decided it would be a great way to teach our children about a new business and make some life-long memories with them! Plus, it might save us a buck or two since they will be earning their own money to spend – more life lessons! We closed on the purchase September 5th, 2019 and took ownership. We started cleaning up here and there but decided to put the business on hold so we could truly be in the moment with my mother - kids’ grandmother - as she was in her final stages in her battle with cancer. She left her marks all through-out the Dairy Sweet by cleaning, painting and giving her ideas while she was able to -- oxygen tank and all! Eventually she had to give that up and spend her time at home until she gained her angel wings in December, 2019. We miss her very much but we also know she would have wanted us to continue and that is what we have tried doing. It has been a learning experience to get where we are - LOTS of lost sleep and LOTS of heavy cleaning - but we are open and business is booming! We are happy to bring a few jobs back to the community but most importantly – put good food and ice-cream in your tummies again! Come see us! 

Dairy Sweet is a privately-owned, single location restaurant that was established in the 70’s in Auburn, NE. Located on the north end of town on Highway 75, you can't miss our large Papa-Burger Man Statue who stands tall and proud with the best cheeseburger and root beer in southeast Nebraska.  A sweet little boy I know says he looks like a panda bear- I sort of see the resemblance! You should come check him out, and if you would like a picture with him, come grab one of our staff – we do it all the time! Our chubby cheeseburger man is actually noted online by the roadside of America travelers as always bringing a smile to their faces.


Come inside and you will find yourself in a casual family-friendly atmosphere ordering from a counter with a variety of fried and grilled food options to choose from and THE BEST soft serve ice-cream for miles! These classic malt and burger joints are found far and few between anymore. Although “fast type” food is offered, our logo is, “Not fast food, good food!” Locals and visitors rave about the taste of the fresh burgers, tenderloins, Philly sandwiches, chicken strips, variety of sides, and quality soft-serve ice-cream. (Did we mention a large portion of our items are purchased locally?!) Our customers will tell you the wait is well worth it! Although there is a drive-up menu board – it is currently not in use. We ask if you would like to use the drive-up window, that you call ahead and let us know! We do not mind running food out to those who don’t feel like getting out! (402)274-2493.